Who We Are

Art Light Design was founded in 1998, already 20 years. We have a group of professional lighting and visual designers. We are able to address all of your questions regarding lighting and visual art in indoor and public space in architectural landscapes, and can introduce for you environmental and energy-efficient concepts of scientific control, since we have a group of professional light and visual designers. We are looking forward to your coming to enjoy such a grand feast of light with us.

Design Process

New design case → Environment analysis → Concepts of design → Brief → Illuminance calculating → Ray tracing → Model making → Lighting installation → Dimming


Solar Control

We start to control our environment of light.

Natural light → Control → Night → Control System → Requirement → Functions → Light control → Atmosphere

The constructions should be blended with the natural and developed reciprocally with the lights. A good construction will identify the characters between the spaces and lights. A lack of the attribute of the light means a lack of space concepts and confuses the role which the light plays in the constructions.

Custom Built Lamps

We can build special lamps according to your custom order. Our stringent craftsmanship and professional design can help you to plan for special lighting needs according to the space dimension. Installation and dimming are done by the most professional engineers to make certain that the light sources form the lamps are put to the best condition in the environment. You will be pleased with the vision and the experience of the ultimate trendy taste.

Our Services

  • Exterior Architecture Illumination Design

  • Public Open Space Design

  • Landscaping

  • Hotel Design

  • Business Space Design

  • Religious Building Design

  • Office Space Design

  • Total Illumination Planning

  • Consultation

  • AGi Light Tracing and Calculation

  • Light Simulation

  • Customized Lighting Instrument Design

  • Illumination and Energy Efficiency System Planning