Founder/ Designer Director Wilson Lee

  • H.M.Brandston&Partners New York,NY
  • Illumination directed by Mr. Chou Lien
  • Energy and Resource Laboratories of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)

I have always been interested in lighting design.
In 1996, I started to learn lighting design and other professional skills from Mr. Chou Lien (Brandston Partnership Inc.). During this period, I participated in the lighting design of many important construction projects in Taiwan.In 1996, I established the ALD Design Group and started to participate in international lighting design contests. I have won awards of excellence, for which I was interviewed by professional design magazines to speak about illumination and light environments. I also composed a book about illumination and published it at my own expense. It has earned much praise.

Personal Experience

  • 1988 Entered LANCASTER Co., Ltd. as an engineering designer

  • 1990 Learned illuminating engineering and architectural illumination

  • 1995 Entered Art Light Design as an illuminating engineer and designer

  • 1996 Admitted to ITRI and learned illuminating design from Mr. Chou Lien

  • 1998 Established the ALD Design Group

  • 2006 Obtained membership in the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America

  • 2007 Established the Environment Control and Green Energy Section of the ALD Design Group and introduced the smart home system

  • 2008 Devoted to the design of natural light and started to study how to draw sunlight into rooms and prolong sunshine time

  • 2009 Won the Award for Quality in the quality building group of the 4th Kaohsiung Urban Design and Landscaping Award for the City President project

  • 2011 Nominated for best lighting design by Idea-Tops for the King’s Town Hyatt Sky Lounge (34 + 35 F), and the Kaohsiung Christian Church projects

  • Won Award of Excellence in the IES Contest for the King’s Town Hyatt project

  • Won Award of Nomination for the China Ten-Year Illumination for the Cheng Shin Hospital project

  • 2012 Won awards in the IES Contest for the Mountain & Sea Fang-Gang Consulate and Sanshan Guowang Temple projects

  • 2013 Won awards in the IES Contest for the Kenting H Resort