What is light?

Midsummer sunlight quietly streaks through the glass window and into the room, awakening people’s imagination.

Light, the manipulator of our perceptions guides us into the contexts it reflects, making us dazzled and branding the context deep into our memory. Light is a teller and a writer of stories.


concept of the Light of City

In 2013, the concept of the Light of City Project was copied from Taipei to the Fongshen Temple in Tainan. It was indeed a privilege for us to participate in the design and construction of the lighting for this project.


Where there is light there is hope

“Where there is light there is hope”. Since 2012, light has become an indispensible part in the construction of an aesthetic city. We have to ponder over how to make lighting more user-friendly and comfortable.


home system designed for mansions

We introduced a smart home system designed for mansions that allow for the adjustment of settings based on different uses of space. It also allows for the adjustment of lighting in response to changes in sunlight so as to achieve the goal of saving energy.


smart home system designed

We introduced a smart home system to create a residence based on the idea of green design. The automatic system coordinates the audio-visual, illumination, moisture control, and home security systems, allowing its residents to adjust the settings based on their needs at different times.


King’s Town CBD

The “King’s Town CBD” office building is equipped with a digital addressable lighting interface (DALI), allowing us to change the lighting over a period of time to echo the design of the building and the hustle and bustle of the streets.


the design of natural light

We devoted ourselves to the design of natural light and started to study how to draw sunlight into indoor spaces and prolong sunshine time.We used in-depth artistic lighting to create a sense of elegance for these magnificent buildings.


Green energy department

With a lighting planning that combines humanity and art, the cold walls of the building are transformed into melodic canvas by the arrangement of LED-driven animation, making it a trendy office building like any modern metro building in the world.


National Cheng Kung University

Its night lighting project speaks in a historic language of light and exhibits the humanity ambience of the campus.



One that refuses none shall achieve greatness; the most benevolent one is soft like water. It lets us create a new visual space for the medical care system with a seamless combination of light and building structure. To satisfy the overall space requirement with the least possible design is a thrilling challenge that excites us.


The combination of the elements water

How to find the balance between the preservation and renovation of people’s memory of the environment? The combination of the elements of water and light once again creates a new life for the space and environment.


It propels the history to move forward slowly

It propels the history to move forward slowly. The historic building connects the new and the old and contains the memory and emotion of the general public. The dialogue between light and vision inspires a beautiful memory of the history among the people.


Movie library

It is a brilliant dialogue between the coastal city and the Love River. The gentle and warm vision of light subtly connects the city, the river, the buildings, and the people, creating the most beautiful conversation by the river bank.


city culture

It reunites the cultural centripetal force of the city with an enhanced humanity value and cultural evolution through the technique and life of light, allowing the local citizens to love and fantasize about the city once again.


Dream city

It gives us a chance to build a city of dreams in which we may contribute our share of effort to our city. This is an awakening to our common memory about our city.


starting point

The lighting industry was still in a self-enclosed environment when I first entered this virgin land from the traditional lighting engineering market. The term “lighting design” was even something new in Taipei City, and I bet with nothing but my enthusiasm and threw myself into another world of light.