Stealth in the old-style old city, the lighting design environment is the main direction of the integration of the surrounding lighting system. For this reason, we chose the low color temperature of 2400K, and 3000K LED to do the design tone.

In the four corners of the building, we use the structural continuity of the building to wash up the warm-toned light separately, increasing the visibility of the architectural lights on the street scale, and connecting the axes around the building at night.

With a clear concept of totem lighting, we use a 4000k cold cathode tube to present city-scale visibility and reduce future maintenance issues. The vertical laser cutting metal plate echoes the traditional Chinese paper-cutting art, and the LED linear floodlights are naturally washed to show the beauty of the silhouette.

The entrance image is simple to wash the ground stone totem with diffuse gradual gradual washing, and the diffuse totem of the façade forms a special picture of yin and yang contrast. The use of light in the grid to create a street-scale visual contrast with the beam of the building facade increases the three-dimensional sense of night vision. The pedestrian-scale totem wall lamp is a golden LED inside, which makes the wall lamp more stereoscopic, and also adds a feeling of warmth to the pedestrians. In the low-scale silhouette, the color temperature is reduced to 2700K and the color temperature of the xenon lamp is more coordinated.
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