A symphony of "light" in cooperation with Neiwei Cultural Park Building. With the trend of more and more scales in the construction of the Neiwei Cultural Park, this case can be said to be the most artistic ecological park in Kaohsiung, setting a new The architectural skyline and the aesthetic value of human visual scale have also become new landscape art buildings, with new cultural heritage and alive aesthetics. Lighting design has become a fashionable topic here.

The building's daytime façade contrasts and the balcony vocabulary is reminiscent of the black and white keys on the keys, so we hope to combine the lighting with the building to create a moving movement that people are obsessed with. With the positive balcony as the main design focus, the balcony ceiling is matched with the aluminum package shape, and the 2700K LED light bar is hidden in the shape aluminum hanging plate, which makes the light depict the soft light and shadow layering, and makes the building more stereoscopic at night.

The use of cylindrical wall lamps and modeling stone with amber low color temperature creates a sense of scale on the pedestrian scale and increases the image and detail of the entrance, and adds a sense of intimacy at night.

Applying the local culture to the roots of architecture in the building is a necessary condition for high-quality buildings, and applying the culture to the concept of architectural lighting is the overall growth of the overall construction team. Do a leading attempt in the industry.

In the overall lighting plan and energy-saving planning considerations, the lighting plan of the building, the lamps are selected to use high-efficiency light source of 80 1m / w or more, effectively reducing energy consumption to the minimum, in line with energy-saving and carbon-reduction requirements.
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