慶旺 | 文化首馥

慶旺 | 文化首馥

The architectural style is a classical style residential building, and the surrounding environment reveals a strong humanistic art atmosphere. Therefore, it is hoped that it can be different from the nearby classical architecture at night, creating its own new lighting pattern, adding to our unique uniqueness at night. Visual impression. In addition to its pedestal and the classical vocabulary of the house, the architectural features are also facing the deep concave window building texture, which reminds us of the home of the bee.

The hive is made up of a number of regular hexagonal cells. The cells in a hexagonal arrangement combine to breed the new life that will come, and also symbolize the spirit that will be born and destroyed. And the golden honey surrounding the surrounding area is like the warmth of home, which cares for us to grow and bears our hopes and hopes for future life.

How to lead the distant wanderers or the family members of the night return to the warm home, we hope to extend the concept of bees and nests. The bee will use the swinging butt to present a splayed flight (round dance) to convey pollen to the nest more than 100 meters, and we translate this pose into our night vision code. The field bee who finds the pollen will return to the nest to measure the distance between the hive and the pollen. If the distance is within 100 meters, the message will be delivered in a round dance. If the distance is more than 100 meters, the tail dance will be used. The flying style of the tail dance is 8-shaped, and the abdomen will always swing. The more the number of swings, the farther the pollen and the honeycomb are. The less the number of swings, the pollen and the hive. The closer the distance is. Therefore, by the bee's life mode of “talking to the honey-spots”, the nighttime shifts to the visual to add a variable sense of dynamics, showing the vitality of its ruin and birth, unlike ordinary classical architecture. Add a uniquely interesting and visual impression at night. Let our architecture add a unique and interesting visual impression in a complex light environment, and naturally stand out in a strong environment of humanistic art.

The whole building is presented at 3000K at night, without excessive color temperature, showing the building's style at night with warm and pure color temperature, supplemented by golden honey 2400K, creating warmth and comfort at night, belonging to the family's sense of belonging. It also transforms the life mode of bees “contacting honey gathering with bee dance” to create a vivid expression of the building at night, thereby enhancing the visual aesthetics of the nighttime light environment, creating a new and unique style, and becoming a fashionable topic in this area.
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