京城 | 綠翡翠

京城 | 綠翡翠

Green Jade is in the geographical position above Minghua Guozhong, while Linbo Ai Road is the main traffic line of Da Kaohsiung. There is a giant MRT station on the north side and a concave bottom MRT station on the south. The base is the largest in the future Kaohsiung area. There is a potential for development, so its geographical privilege and unique rarity are self-evident.

Its base is also close to the Dome Business Circle, which has the characteristics of "new fashion, fashion sense", and is close to the art museum and the concave bottom park. Therefore, its green life is also the key point that must be emphasized. Therefore, "Green Jade" is the main design axis to showcase the building's "prestige and stylish green life".

In the night lighting idea, we consider that Jingyue is next to the green jade, in order to slow down the visual conflict at night (one is Artteco vocabulary, one is a more modern streamline type), so we hope that the green jade is close to Beijing in color temperature. In the Yue and the temporary rooms, white light is used as a visual buffer for over-banding, and then the green jade light effect is connected.

I hope that through nighttime lighting, I will add detail and richness to the building's expressions. The vivid, simple and stylish nighttime visual impression gives the public a new light environment thinking and an impression of the city, which brings people a simple but primitive touch.
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