京城 | 京城

京城 | 京城

Located in Kaohsiung City, the second biggest city in Taiwan, this residence building in the Nong 16 District occupies an area up to 25 km2, and apart from six underground parking levels, it boasts thirty-six above-ground levels that not only make it the currently tallest landmark in the area, but also enable residents to take in breathtaking views in every direction as well.

The toughest challenge for us concerning the illumination design is that the top floor of the building consists of triangular-shaped structures, with interior space frames crisscrossing behind the glass curtain walls as support, making it possible for abundant natural light to cascade into the building. We hope that even those viewing at a distance may gain an indelible first impression that the glowing light seeps out from the inside the roof. Our aim is to make this building even more of a hot topic as the landmark in the area and, through the language of illumination, enable the building to interact with, and thereby better interpret, the city's renowned glass art masterpiece, the Dome of Light.

We placed numerous refractive aluminum plates within the rooftop glass curtain walls along with RGB LEDs, creating dazzlingly illuminated matrix boxes. Exterior lighting should be a comfortable addition to cityscape. Given this, we adopted indirect illumination only by perfectly embedding the light sources into the exterior. Through digital control of the rooftop display, different colors shine every day of the week, with special adjustments made for holidays. The artificial lighting highlights the details on the base column surfaces. The illumination allows one to truly appreciate the sophisticated architectural design.

The outdoor pool area’s lighting is perfectly harmonized with that of the rest of the building, avoiding disturbing households above, or viewers farther away. Relatively dim diffused lighting provides sufficient brightness for the recreation area, while also ensuring optimal conditions for comfort and relaxation.
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