聯上 | V1

聯上 | V1

The architectural form of this case is a simple style. The large-area glass is intertwined with the sunlight and the shadows in the daytime to create a rich layering and upward extension of the rhythm. The architect skillfully uses the dark tone to create a calm fashion personality. Therefore, it is more able to stand out in a complex business environment.

The vertical lines that extend up to the sky scale support the power of the entire building, just like the calm and downscale style of architecture. The rhythmicly arranged glass, because of the movement of people, produces a variety of expressions with the change of perspective, and the interaction with light reflects the sense of visuality of rhythm, creating a pure and pure aesthetic.

It is hoped that the feeling of daytime architectural rhythm will be extended to the nighttime image, and the light and shadow changes will be used to describe the geometric line elements falling on the positive façade, and the fineness of the fallen line between the angled surface and the vertical surface will form a visual entry and exit surface. To deepen the visual sense of rhythm, because the movement of people produces a variety of image expressions with the change of perspective, creating a pure and beautiful aesthetic.

Let us think of the dazzling color of the clouds, only the depths of the horizon reveal warm glimmers, in order to balance the overall atmosphere, settle the thoughts, and then create a wide and bright world, let people yearn for it. Colorful together is white, how do you see the meaning of the white?

Use the fallen light to continue the architect's rich framework vocabulary during the day, so that the roof and facade can be more layered and delicate, and balance the visual contrast of the limited edition.

The layered light in the horizontal layer adds visual stability on the one hand and enhances the integrity and volume of the building on the other hand. The warm white light, which is gradually weakened by the middle axis, makes the building more stereoscopic and dynamic at night. The light that continues from the left and right and the layer on the front side gives the overall architectural vision a depth and a sense of extension. The starlight on the grille makes the building more lively and adds a little bit of fun.
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