百立 | 海洋帝寶

百立 | 海洋帝寶

The style of the building itself is a baroque building, full of romance and elegance. We hope that the 3000K color temperature of the golden yellow of the setting will be presented as a night-scale sky-scale, leaving people with warmth and elegance. Visual memory.

I hope that the most beautiful moments of the daytime ocean and the city will be presented on this case as the main design axis of our time.

When we are closer to the building, the night building seems to be like a clear yellow sunset, between the depths of the building, the layers of balconies, like the gold foil slowly fluctuating by the sea breeze, pile up beautiful lines and highlight each other. The noble and elegant temperament of the house.

The part of the pedestrian scale, using a soft 3000K color temperature, is like walking on the coast, feeling the warmth and softness of the sunset, and making the feeling of returning home more comfortable and comfortable.
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