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As time progresses and new technologies emerge, thelighting products we use daily and their installation methods have significantly expanded in numbers and types.
The current trends have necessitated new approaches that accommodate technology advancements.
We have transformed our lighting designs into a uniqueconsultation that minimize inefficiencies in existing processes while addressing clients’ pain points in cost and scheduling management. We will continue tobetterour potential solutionsfor you.

  • Project transparency
  • Effective scheduling
  • Reducing intangible
  • Quality improvement

Lighting consultation


Construction integration

Environmental control system

Digital interactive multimedia


Lighting planning and design

Lighting installation

Customized luminaire design

Consultation on lighting design and technology integration

Technical consultation on lighting

Design of an environmental control system

Design of digital interactive multimedia

Our clientele

Real estate developers

Construction companies


Interior design companies

Landscape design companies

Government agencies

Scope of our services

Building façade

Public open space

Commercial space

Office space

Courtyard landscaping


Resorts and villas


Religious buildings

Museums/Art galleries

Lighting consultation

We break downcomplex processes into 7 components for ease of understanding, spanning from the initial environmental assessment tositeacceptance.

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Engineering consultation

We combine lighting knowledge and engineering expertise to help you achieve exceptional results in cost control and quality improvement.

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Construction integration

We will meticulously complete the construction based on your creative concepts.

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Environmental control system

Ourcontrolsystem allows you to alter the atmosphere and personalized lighting zones with one click.

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Digital interactive multimedia

We can manifestyour ideas from the initial architectural design to the finalanimation.

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